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Facebook Privacy?

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Who needs spies and detectives when people willingly put all their personal data for the whole world to see? Funny how parts of the world pine for a littleΒ reliefΒ from the prying eyes of their governments, yet in the US people are addicted to sharing everything with everyone, including the government. The young can be excused — Continue reading Β»

College Prank or Bias Intimidation?

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I have been fascinated with the Dharun Ravi bias case since I read about it a few weeks ago on The New Yorker. The fact is that this case hits close to home for many who are or have been to college because no doubt many of us were involved in similar cases or at — Continue reading Β»


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Here comes another attack on the free and democratic way of life. the SOPA/PIPA bill sponsored by congressman Lamar Smith is about to be voted on by the legislators. On the surface, the goal is to protect copyrights and intellectual property rights on the Internet. In reality this law is created to bring the Internet — Continue reading Β»

Patents attack Android

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I'm not naive to the point of believing that Google is all good and no evil, but in this case I side with Google. What the big patent trolls like Oracle and Apple and Microsoft are doing by burying Android in lawsuits and threats is stifling innovation and taking away choice from consumers. I'm all — Continue reading Β»

Software Patent Sharks

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This is superb reporting by NPR (link at bottom) on the murky business of software patents and how the real spirit of patent and copyright laws have been subverted by patent mills out to make a quick pile of cash. These days greedy companies get patent protection for the most ridiculous and obscure algorithms. Most — Continue reading Β»

Running to Music

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This article (Jogging to music? Unplug for a safer workout) states the obvious by claiming that runners who listen to music pose a threat to themselves by becoming less aware of road dangers such as traffic or criminals. There's also an additional claim that iPod runners, being distracted, may miss their body signals to speed — Continue reading Β»

Amazon fires California affiliates

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This is old news by now, but fresh on the heels of firing its Connecticut affiliates, Amazon just terminated its California affiliates program in protest over the new state law requiring it to collect sales taxes on purchases. The law may be fair or unfair, but Amazon could have easily complied, as it does reluctantly — Continue reading Β»

Amazon.com punishes Connecticut associates

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Not to defend big-box stores but this statement from Amazon is an obvious distortion of facts. Amazon is just being whiny because it hates fair competition. We opposed this new tax law because it is unconstitutional and counterproductive. It was supported by big-box retailers, most of which are based outside Connecticut, that seek to harm — Continue reading Β»

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