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101.9 FM, WRXP - Alternative Rock to Sports Talk. Why?

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I was so happy when 101.9 in New York finally switched from the news format toΒ alternativeΒ rock a few months. I only listen to that station and NPR in my car. Now CBS has bought the station and will be simulcasting vapid sports talk with their AM station. Is there really a need for more boring — Continue reading Β»

Beavis and Butthead Return

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Beavis and Butthead, the cartoon series about two mischievous, conniving, simpletons in high school is coming back on MTV in October. We're not talking the reruns of the old episodes that ended nearly 15 years ago. These are brand new episodes with the original creator, Mike Judge, at the helm and still doing the voices — Continue reading Β»

Running to Music

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This article (Jogging to music? Unplug for a safer workout) states the obvious by claiming that runners who listen to music pose a threat to themselves by becoming less aware of road dangers such as traffic or criminals. There's also an additional claim that iPod runners, being distracted, may miss their body signals to speed — Continue reading Β»

Radio Golha - Traditional Persian Music

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When I was a young boy growing up in Iran, a favorite radio program of my maternal grandfather was Golha, a variety program on radio consisting of traditional Persian music. My grandfather would take a little rest after lunch and listened to this program in its entirety. And as I wasn't exactly a quiet kid, — Continue reading Β»

Emergency Pleasure Droid

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Apparently The Cars knew about Droid back in 1987 and seems like their version was more fun that Google's smartphone version of today πŸ™‚ Yep, that's Ric Ocasek getting ready to unleash the "Pleasure Droid". If only the product and the song were released at the same time. Google and Motorola could have used this — Continue reading Β»

Big Band Online

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A few days ago I was looking for a good Big Band/Swing station (you know, Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, Tommy Dorsey, etc.) online and was striking out all over the place until Google dropped me on GotRadio.com. I haven't tried their other stations but their Big Band channel has won me over. Good variety, simple — Continue reading Β»

Jogging Tragedy

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I happened on this story today about a 38-year old father who was struck and killed from behind by a small plane making an emergency landing. As a fellow jogger and a father I found the story saddening and I wish his family the best as they cope with the terrible loss. What made this — Continue reading Β»

Online Radio and Traditional Media

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I don't remember exactly when or why, but up until a few years ago traditional radio stations were barred from broadcasting online. I believe it had something to do with advertising rules. But then the rules were apparently relaxed and one by one the stations started broadcasting online in addition to the airwaves. Still, internet-only — Continue reading Β»

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