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From Pandora to Slacker

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So finally the 40-hour free listening limit per month on Pandora caught up with me. I had expected it already but still when it happened, I started to think about ways of wiggling out of paying the $1 for the remainder of the month or the $36 annual fee. It's not so much about the — Continue reading ยป

Pandora Starts Charging

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In case you don't know who or what Pandora is, it's a music Web site that learns about your taste as you tag or rate the songs it plays, so after a while it ends up playing mostly what you like. Pandora's algorithm is decent but far from perfect and sometimes it tries to please — Continue reading ยป

Tokio Hotel in New York City

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If you are a teenaged girl (or a parent of one) in Europe you might have heard of the band Tokio Hotel. In fact, you may be one of the throngs of young fans. They are not so well-known in the US, but judging by the attendance at one of their shows in the Fillmore — Continue reading ยป

Boston, A Tribute to Brad Delp

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To state that Brad Delp deprived his fans from his voice by committing suicide would be selfish. But at the risk of sounding self-centric I am going to declare that Brad Delp deprived me of his amazing voice by taking his own life. Back in 1976 when Boston's self-titled first album was released, I was — Continue reading ยป

YouTube Copyright Trouble

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When Google bought the fledging, but popular video sharing site, YouTube, for $1.6 billion in early October of 2006, it created a firestorm of controversy surrounding the transaction. It seemed like we were back again in 1999, the height of the Internet bubble. Google itself had actually launched its own video sharing site months prior — Continue reading ยป

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