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Hey, It's Me on Google Maps

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I am a pretty regular user of Google Maps as well as the satellite and street view features of it. One wonders if the people walking around with their faces blurred in street view know that they are being featured on the Google service. Well, I don't have to wonder about that myself. A few — Continue reading Β»

Knee ACL Injury? Meniscus Tear? Stress Fracture? MRI Diagnosis

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I have been a runner for a major part of my life. Not champion material, not elite, not even great, just average. My marathon times are in the 4:10-ish area, but I do run consistently and over the decades it has become an inexorable part of my life. Problem is that running and aging don't — Continue reading Β»

Peru Hikes - Marcahuasi, Machu Picchu

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On a recent trip to Peru with a friend we did 2 hikes, one near Lima and the other near Cusco. Near Lima, Marcahuasi is one of those open secrets that you hope it'll never become too popular. It's a stone forest filled with rocks that resemble human, animal, and alien faces and shapes. Some — Continue reading Β»

Red Rock and Lake Mead

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When I travel for business I try to mix in some pleasure. In most cases that means taking the weekend at the end of the trip to explore new places around the area. This was the case with my recent trip to Las Vegas. I ended up exploring the Red Rock Canyon andΒ Lake Mead. Beautiful — Continue reading Β»

2013 NYC Marathon

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The New York City marathon is everything they say and much more. I have been to a few races in my time and to New York city as a visitor (including one new year's eve) but nothing like this. The city was alive, electric, vibrant, and loud, and so was I as a runner. I — Continue reading Β»

2013 NYC Marathon Road Closures

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Took me some time on Google to find out about the road closures during the 2013 New York City marathon. Head on over toΒ Gridlock SamΒ for that info. Figured another entry for this post in the Google index maybe helpful to those searching for this info. Good luck to the runners. — Continue reading Β»

Hot Humid Running

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A dome of heat and humidity has covered the northeast for some time now and doesn't seem ready to move on. Running in such condition isn't fun, but some of us endorphin junkies don’t have a choice. Conditions be damned, the run must go on. Read an interesting and humorous article on this and some — Continue reading Β»


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Big sympathy for Boston, the marathon runners, and those affected in the senseless act of violence. Hope for a swift and severe justice to whoever did this to one of my favorite cities and one of my favorite activities. — Continue reading Β»

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