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2013 NYC Marathon

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The New York City marathon is everything they say and much more. I have been to a few races in my time and to New York city as a visitor (including one new year's eve) but nothing like this. The city was alive, electric, vibrant, and loud, and so was I as a runner. I — Continue reading Β»

2013 NYC Marathon Road Closures

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Took me some time on Google to find out about the road closures during the 2013 New York City marathon. Head on over toΒ Gridlock SamΒ for that info. Figured another entry for this post in the Google index maybe helpful to those searching for this info. Good luck to the runners. — Continue reading Β»

Miami Marathon 2013

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The Miami Marathon was held on Sunday, Jan. 27 and I was happy to be a part of it. I have been travelling to Miami during the same dates for the past several years and always wanted to run in this event. This year I decided to fly in a couple of days early and — Continue reading Β»

Dying to Run

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Last weekend brought the sad news of a young woman dying just short of the finish line of the London marathon. She was running for a good cause - suicide prevention - at had collected about $700 then, now standing at over $1 million with the outpouring of support from people. There are some who — Continue reading Β»

Gaza Strip's first marathon

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A great story showing a different side of a region known for violence and fanaticism. If only people could put aside their bigotries and be running fanatics instead. What's next, Tehran marathon? πŸ™‚ Local runner wins Gaza Strip's first marathon race - Sports- NBC Sports. — Continue reading Β»

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