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Dying to Run

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Last weekend brought the sad news of a young woman dying just short of the finish line of the London marathon. She was running for a good cause - suicide prevention - at had collected about $700 then, now standing at over $1 million with the outpouring of support from people.

There are some who have criticized her for exerting herself to that point and many label marathons as a dangerous sport. Yes, marathons could be dangerous and in some cases deadly, so what? Life is dangerous and eventually deadly.

As a fellow runner I admire this woman's conviction and her compassion to tie her love of running to a charitable cause. She died doing what she loved and supporting a cause she cared about. That deserves a ton of respect.

On one occasion I was overcome with heat just after a run and passed out. When I came to, I thought that this is how I would like to die, doing what I love, not battling advanced age or illness on my death bed. Nothing wrong with the latter, it's just not my preference. I'll be in the upcoming NYC marathon this year, and if anything, this young woman has given me more motivation to keep on running.


1 Comment

  1. Usually before doing a marathon your body should be prepared.It should be physically fit by put your body in condition mode.

    Comment by fedhz — May 4, 2012 @9:10 am


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