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Radio Golha - Traditional Persian Music

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When I was a young boy growing up in Iran, a favorite radio program of my maternal grandfather was Golha, a variety program on radio consisting of traditional Persian music. My grandfather would take a little rest after lunch and listened to this program in its entirety.

And as I wasn't exactly a quiet kid, getting into all kinds of loud mischief, I was forced to sit quietly and listen to the Golha program along with my grandfather. To say that this was torture for me would be an understatement. How could anyone enjoy such music?

Fast-forward a few decades and I often find myself listening to this program on the RadioGolha.com web site. The radio program has long been gone and many of the musicians are no longer alive, but thanks to the dedication of the RadioGolha.com's webmaster, the old episodes are streamed back to life continuously.

Traditional Persian music is not everyone's cup of tea. I certainly didn't think it was mine either. But listening to this music now magically connects me to the land of my ancestors and to my grandfather who passed away years ago. Rest in peace Agha Joon, and thank you for the unwitting gift of traditional Persian music.

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