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Dialogue With USA, Bad Idea… For Iran

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The latest on the nuclear stale-mate with Iran is a report suggesting that Iran's imminent and reform-minded administration may be interested in direct talks with the US. I am no fan of the Iranian regime but a much lesser fan of the American foreign policy. America has proven time and time again that it can — Continue reading Β»

So Long Orumieh (Rezaiyeh) Lake

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When I was growing up in Iran, one of the places I always wanted to visit the Orumieh (Urmia) lake in the north-western part of the country. The lake was known as Rezaieh lake prior to the Islamic revolution in the country. People had amazing stories of biodiversity and beauty in and around the lake. — Continue reading Β»

Shoosh Square, Tehran

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When I was a kid growing up in Tehran, one of the favorite metaphors for an untidy place was to compare it to the Shoosh square in southern Tehran. Actually at one time Shoosh square and street were merely downtown areas but the city had sprawled north leaving the Shoosh area in the south, relatively — Continue reading Β»

Apple Discrimination

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A few weeks ago my children dragged me into the local mall's Apple store, kicking and screaming where I bought them each a Macbook, a cheap Linux knock-off in a shiny skin. I am a devout Apple-hater and have been so since 1988 when I had to write a LISP program on a Macintosh desktop. — Continue reading Β»

Radio Golha - Traditional Persian Music

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When I was a young boy growing up in Iran, a favorite radio program of my maternal grandfather was Golha, a variety program on radio consisting of traditional Persian music. My grandfather would take a little rest after lunch and listened to this program in its entirety. And as I wasn't exactly a quiet kid, — Continue reading Β»

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