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Here comes another attack on the free and democratic way of life.

the SOPA/PIPA bill sponsored by congressman Lamar Smith is about to be voted on by the legislators. On the surface, the goal is to protect copyrights and intellectual property rights on the Internet.

In reality this law is created to bring the Internet under complete control and censorship of the US government. In other words any site can be blocked and any site owner or user can be charged for almost any  reasons.

Let's face it, the proposed rules are so loose that just about everyone is automatically in violation of the potential law already. Who needs to go to China to enjoy arbitrary criminal charges and censorship, when you can have all that fun right in the USA.

Stop American Censorship


  1. On the surface the government is protecting us from each other.( Like I ' m dumb enough to peer into a gas tank with a lit match!) Like George W was protecting America by going after Saddam Hussin, Yeah right truth be told " Sadd - amm said heees gonna kill muh daddy, ahm a gonna git that boy ( Oh ah need a reason to start a war? ) OK make up some lie about guns and bombs!. And Halliburton raked in how many billions of our tax dollars ? Fuel at over $4.00 a gallon to our govt , while they were paying way less. Oh yeahw's VP OWNS halliburton!

    Comment by Steve gaichin — January 16, 2012 @11:00 pm

  2. I think the United States of America has had just about as much as they can stand of pro- Big Business Legislation! Its about time the rank and file people of the US, open their eyes, and then open their mouths.

    SOPA may have some basically sound ideas, yet everyone in the know agrees that it is something which will be used and abused by those with the money and the power to one again push the little guy, the small business into "non-existence'.

    SOPA is perhaps the latest piece of legislation which is against just about everything this nation was founded upon.

    Comment by Stephen Sanders — January 29, 2012 @10:09 am


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