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Facebook Like, The Big Fake

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Earlier this year this insightful article delved into the business of click farming where people and businesses (and apparently even the US government) pay shady companies a modest fee for thousands of Facebook likes, or Twitter followers, or YouTube views. Only that these likes and clicks are generated by click farms, either malware robots and — Continue reading Β»

What's Facebook Worth?

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I can't possibly the only one who's had a perverse pleasure in seeing Facebook's stock slide after the much ballyhooed IPO. It's not like I wish the company bad fortune or dislike its boss, although I don't think much of Facebook as a product nor do I use it much. It's just that something so — Continue reading Β»

Facebook IPO Price Clamp

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Seems like everything was on hold yesterday except for the Facebook stock price gyrations. In the end it eked out a measly 23 cents over its IPO price of $38 and that with some grand assistance from its underwriters and backers. That assistance was so obvious, specially towards the end of the trading session. You — Continue reading Β»

Facebook Privacy?

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Who needs spies and detectives when people willingly put all their personal data for the whole world to see? Funny how parts of the world pine for a littleΒ reliefΒ from the prying eyes of their governments, yet in the US people are addicted to sharing everything with everyone, including the government. The young can be excused — Continue reading Β»

New Ugly Gmail Look

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Yesterday I was greeted by an icon in Gmail to try their new look. I clicked, played with the new look for a while and ran right back to the old look. Alas, Google seems determined to push the new Gmail look on users, whether they like it or not, so the classic look may — Continue reading Β»

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