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Facebook IPO Price Clamp

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Seems like everything was on hold yesterday except for the Facebook stock price gyrations. In the end it eked out a measly 23 cents over its IPO price of $38 and that with some grand assistance from its underwriters and backers. That assistance was so obvious, specially towards the end of the trading session. You — Continue reading Β»

Amazon's Ridiculous P/E

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Yeah I know, P/E ratio is so old school but as I read the post below I was blown away by how ridiculous Amazon's P/E ratio of 184 actually is. For a quick verification I went down a list of stocks I follow and none even came close to that figure. Even Priceline with its — Continue reading Β»

Amazon, Target, and Showrooming

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Last week came the news that Target stores will no longer carry Amazon's Kindle readers. The bold move was basically a retaliatory reaction by Target to what is known as showrooming. Showrooming is how Amazon encourages its users to visit various physical stores, check out or even try out various merchandize and then go back — Continue reading Β»

Speculators of Futures

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There's little doubt that speculators, specifically commodity players, have a huge hand in the price swings of the items we use every day.Β The below article link suggests that as much of a quarter of the price of gasoline is due to speculators driving up the price of oil. That's not so hard to believe. While — Continue reading Β»

Amazon’s Humbling Moment

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Two days before amazon announces earnings, it gets glowing remarks from a bunch of analysts with price targets of $280, give or take. http://www.forbes.com/sites/ericsavitz/2011/10/24/amazon-blowout-q3-ahead/ Then amazon announces dismal earnings last night and takes a plunge down to around $200 today. What were these analysts thinking? So they just induce a bunch of people to sink — Continue reading Β»

Patents attack Android

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I'm not naive to the point of believing that Google is all good and no evil, but in this case I side with Google. What the big patent trolls like Oracle and Apple and Microsoft are doing by burying Android in lawsuits and threats is stifling innovation and taking away choice from consumers. I'm all — Continue reading Β»

The Mystery Chart

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Quick, when you look at this chart what's the first thought that pops into your head? Courtesy Wikipedia A crashing stock? Dwindling numbers of an endangered species? An almost eradicated disease? Whatever it appears as to you, it's pretty sobering and alarming. Let's not keep you guessing any longer. It's the value of the US — Continue reading Β»

Middle-Class Squeeze

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I haven't looked at the details of the latest tax agreement reached between Obama and the Republicans, but judging by its face value, it's yet another jab at the middle-class who's always the punching bag of everyone else. So let's get this straight. The super-rich get to keep their unfair tax advantages squirreling away their — Continue reading Β»

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