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Well, the May 21, 2011 rapture didn't happen. No judgments, no earthquakes, no zombies, and no Jesus. A bunch of blokes got "caught up" in the frenzy and wasted time and money, but economically speaking, the bogus prediction might have had a positive effect after all. Here's a short list of the favorable impacts of — Continue reading ยป

The Mystery Chart

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Quick, when you look at this chart what's the first thought that pops into your head? Courtesy Wikipedia A crashing stock? Dwindling numbers of an endangered species? An almost eradicated disease? Whatever it appears as to you, it's pretty sobering and alarming. Let's not keep you guessing any longer. It's the value of the US — Continue reading ยป

Amazon.com and Pedophilia

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First amazon.com accepts a book that apparently promotes, or at least condones, pedophilia (I haven't read the book, nor do I plan to). Then basks in the publicity as complaints begin to pour in and the media covers the story ad-nauseum. Then it stokes the flames more by hiding behind the first amendment, realizing that — Continue reading ยป

Gold Keeps Rising

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It seems like there's no way of stopping gold from its upward march. Even with the stronger dollar today, gold surpassed $1,410 an once, setting a new price record. Clearly the market is nervous about the world economy and the dollar's viability, so it keeps pouring money into gold. As with everything else, at some — Continue reading ยป

Rocking Warren Buffett

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This one is a couple of months old but I just stumbled on it and it left me pretty speechless. Now I already admire Warren Buffett, not for being loaded, but for having such a high modesty to wealth ratio and for his ultra-generous spirit. This clip made me admire him even more. He must — Continue reading ยป

0% Balance Transfer? Not Quite

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They're back from their welcome hiatus. I've already received a couple of offers to open credit card and bank card accounts with full year 0% interest on balance transfers. Why is it that you only get these great offers when you need them the least? But I digress, and on second look they're not great — Continue reading ยป

Stock Market Rally, Euro

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We knew it was coming, but I didn't expect the Europeans to pull off a rescue plan as early and as boldly as they did. Good for them and good for the markets which responded in kind by rocketing up today around the globe. Banking shares, specially the battered European ones, like ING, were on — Continue reading ยป

Dollar Rally

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The last time the euro was below $1.30 USD was over a year ago. It's below $1.30 once again. This despite the fact that the consensus had been for the US dollar to continue to be under pressure and see further declines. The fundamentals in the US haven't really changed much. There's still a monster-sized — Continue reading ยป

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