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Amazon.com and Pedophilia

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amazonFirst amazon.com accepts a book that apparently promotes, or at least condones, pedophilia (I haven't read the book, nor do I plan to). Then basks in the publicity as complaints begin to pour in and the media covers the story ad-nauseum. Then it stokes the flames more by hiding behind the first amendment, realizing that it will drum up even more business. Finally when the calls for boycotting start to get louder, it silently removes the title from its site, and it refuses to answer any questions about its decision.

So which is it, amazon? Did you suddenly decide to violate the first amendment rights of the author and yank the title? Or did you decide to be a moral corporate citizen? The answer: none of the above. Just a hypocritical company riding the wave of publicity and doing the right thing only when profits are in jeopardy. It's anything for a buck, even instructions on child abuse.

Disclaimer: I have a gripe against amazon.com for unjustly accusing me of wrong-doing.

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