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The Mystery Chart

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Quick, when you look at this chart what's the first thought that pops into your head? Courtesy Wikipedia A crashing stock? Dwindling numbers of an endangered species? An almost eradicated disease? Whatever it appears as to you, it's pretty sobering and alarming. Let's not keep you guessing any longer. It's the value of the US — Continue reading ยป

Middle-Class Squeeze

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I haven't looked at the details of the latest tax agreement reached between Obama and the Republicans, but judging by its face value, it's yet another jab at the middle-class who's always the punching bag of everyone else. So let's get this straight. The super-rich get to keep their unfair tax advantages squirreling away their — Continue reading ยป

Dollar Rally

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The last time the euro was below $1.30 USD was over a year ago. It's below $1.30 once again. This despite the fact that the consensus had been for the US dollar to continue to be under pressure and see further declines. The fundamentals in the US haven't really changed much. There's still a monster-sized — Continue reading ยป

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