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Well, the May 21, 2011 rapture didn't happen. No judgments, no earthquakes, no zombies, and no Jesus. A bunch of blokes got "caught up" in the frenzy and wasted time and money, but economically speaking, the bogus prediction might have had a positive effect after all. Here's a short list of the favorable impacts of rapturonomics:

- It didn't happen on a workday, so no wasted company time checking websites for earthquakes and body-snatching news.

- Family radio and its affiliates paid a lot of advertising money to various outlets to get the message out. Making billboards, radio ads, stickers and placards, and printed literature create all sorts of primary and secondary jobs.

- Media companies covering the (non-)event relied on their employees to produce and broadcast the news. Those are real jobs.

- A variety of businesses for post-rapture services ranging from pet care to message delivery got positive attention.

- There were all kinds of rapture memorabilia sales, like t-shirts, mugs, and buttons.

- Rapture parties gave a nice boost to bars and beer companies.

See? That's not so bad. It's only doomsday if you treat it that way. And it turned out to be good for the economy. We should have a rapturonomics day every year. It'll blow away the cheesy independence day sales events 🙂

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