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Amazon's Ridiculous P/E

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Yeah I know, P/E ratio is so old school but as I read the post below I was blown away by how ridiculous Amazon's P/E ratio of 184 actually is.

For a quick verification I went down a list of stocks I follow and none even came close to that figure. Even Priceline with its unbridled share price growth, has a P/E of 34. The rest of them average somewhere in the teens.

Granted, Amazon is the number 1 online retailer, sells a nifty reader and a tablet, is a cloud computing pioneer, and is trying to break into the high fashion market, but 184?

Maybe if it were a startup with expectations of explosive growth in a year or two, that figure could be justified. But Amazon, at nearly 20 years old, is hardly a new kid on the block.

How is AMZN worth 13 AAPLs? - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Tech

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