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Older Chrome Extensions to Go Away

by @ 1:33 pm
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I have two free Chrome extensions published a few years ago on the Chrome Web Store. NOREF is an extension that attempts to alter links on web pages so no referer info is sent to servers. JunkFill is the other extension that lets users fill out web page forms with random or pre-determined data with one click.

Recently I received an email from Chrome Web Store that they are ending support for manifest version 1 in favor of version 2. V1 extensions will no longer be indexed in the store as of June and they will no longer run in Chrome by the end of this year. I think this is a good idea as many of the older or abandoned extensions will be swept away making room for newer ones.

There are some significant differences between the two manifest versions. So if you have any older extensions, published or not, it's a good time to get busy and make the updates to stay current with version 2. Mine are updated already.

Chrome Blesses SQLite

by @ 9:53 am
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Here's an interesting piece found on the Chrome browser (v17).  Fire up Chrome. Browse to chrome://credits/, scroll down to SQLite and click on "show licence" and this little praise pops up:

The author disclaims copyright to this source code.  In place of a legal notice, here is a blessing:

May you do good and not evil.
May you find forgiveness for yourself and forgive others.
May you share freely, never taking more than you give.

May I echo Chrome's sentiments on SQLite? It’s a superb and versatile database software deserving of every blessing thrown its way 🙂

Internet Explorer IQ

by @ 10:19 am
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Tying browser usage to intelligence makes as much sense as linking hair color to sleeping habits. No doubt someone will come up with that study at some point too.

So going by this study, a few years back 90% of the world was stupid and suddenly most people smartened up by switching away from IE.

And no, I'm not switching to Opera just because its users were shown to have higher IQ. I'll continue using Chrome and remain stupid.

Are Internet Explorer users dumb?

Internet Explorer 9 - Why Microsoft Must Break up

by @ 12:30 am
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I saw some news today that the Firefox 4 download numbers beat those of IE 9 by a large margin. And that even with IE 9 getting rave reviews for being built from scratch and being speedy, while Firefox 4 came out of beta way too late.

Why is Firefox so popular and Google Chrome gaining market share like crazy? Barring the bad wrap IE has had for years for being sluggish and buggy, these browsers can work on a wide array of operating systems, including Windows XP. By contrast IE 9 only works on Windows Vista and 7 and I'm willing to bet that's a marketing decision and not a technological barrier.

I can just imagine how badly the IE 9 team would have wanted to make their creation available on XP, but the powers that be just vetoed that idea. Something like 40% of all Windows users are still on XP and Microsoft would like them to get off that platform. If IE 9 were to be supported on XP, it would probably see much greater adoption, yet that would be tantamount to a tacit approval of XP by Microsoft and they just couldn't have that, such conundrum.

Now imagine if the IE group was independent from the Windows group, as in two separate companies. Then there would be no conflict of interest, no corporate policies would be violated and no one will get mad if IE 9 would work on XP. Microsoft should break itself up for its own good. It's only harming itself in its current behemoth form.

Filling Out Web Forms With Junk Data

by @ 9:58 pm
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JunkFill Chrome extensionEver needed to go to a web page only to be road-blocked by an insipid form with a million questions? Ever needed to test your own web forms and wanted a tool to quickly fill out a bunch of fields and pick a bunch of options for you?

If you use Chrome, you're in luck. I developed the JunkFill Chrome extension for just that purpose, something to get me quickly through testing web forms. There are other extensions that have similar or better functionality. For most, you need to configure them and save the data so they can to fill out the forms properly for you.

JunkFill isn't about being proper, it's about being quick. It works right out of the box, so to speak, no configuration necessary. You can download it from the Chrome Extension Gallery. Give it a click and see how it works out for you.

Blocking Referrer (Referer) Header in Chrome

by @ 10:43 pm
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NOREF Chrome ExtensionI have been using the Google Chrome browser for quite a while now but the inability to block the Referrer header in Chrome has been a concern. Well, it was a concern until this past weekend when I got tired of waiting and wrote a Chrome extension to suppress it.

I don't think Referer can be easily blocked in IE either, but in Firefox you surf to about:config and then set the network.http.sendRefererHeader parameter to 0.

Now you can do the same in Chrome by installing the NOREF Chrome extension. It uses the new HTML5 feature for blocking referer transmission by adding a "rel=noreferrer" attribute to every link after a web page finishes loading. I've tested it lightly and so far so good. Let me know how it works out for you.

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