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Older Chrome Extensions to Go Away

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I have two free Chrome extensions published a few years ago on the Chrome Web Store. NOREF is an extension that attempts to alter links on web pages so no referer info is sent to servers. JunkFill is the other extension that lets users fill out web page forms with random or pre-determined data with — Continue reading Β»

Chrome Blesses SQLite

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Here's an interesting piece found on the Chrome browser (v17). Β Fire up Chrome. Browse to chrome://credits/, scroll down to SQLite and click on "show licence" and this little praise pops up: The author disclaims copyright to this source code.Β  In place ofΒ a legal notice, here is a blessing: May you do good and not evil. — Continue reading Β»

Internet Explorer IQ

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Tying browser usage to intelligence makes as much sense as linking hair color to sleeping habits. No doubt someone will come up with that study at some point too. So going by this study, a few years back 90% of the world was stupid and suddenly most people smartened up by switching away from IE. — Continue reading Β»

Internet Explorer 9 - Why Microsoft Must Break up

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I saw some news today that the Firefox 4 download numbers beat those of IE 9 by a large margin. And that even with IE 9 getting rave reviews for being built from scratch and being speedy, while Firefox 4 came out of beta way too late. Why is Firefox so popular and Google Chrome — Continue reading Β»

Filling Out Web Forms With Junk Data

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Ever needed to go to a web page only to be road-blocked by an insipid form with a million questions? Ever needed to test your own web forms and wanted a tool to quickly fill out a bunch of fields and pick a bunch of options for you? If you use Chrome, you're in luck. — Continue reading Β»

Blocking Referrer (Referer) Header in Chrome

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I have been using the Google Chrome browser for quite a while now but the inability to block the Referrer header in Chrome has been a concern. Well, it was a concern until this past weekend when I got tired of waiting and wrote a Chrome extension to suppress it. I don't think Referer can — Continue reading Β»

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