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Blocking Referrer (Referer) Header in Chrome

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NOREF Chrome ExtensionI have been using the Google Chrome browser for quite a while now but the inability to block the Referrer header in Chrome has been a concern. Well, it was a concern until this past weekend when I got tired of waiting and wrote a Chrome extension to suppress it.

I don't think Referer can be easily blocked in IE either, but in Firefox you surf to about:config and then set the network.http.sendRefererHeader parameter to 0.

Now you can do the same in Chrome by installing the NOREF Chrome extension. It uses the new HTML5 feature for blocking referer transmission by adding a "rel=noreferrer" attribute to every link after a web page finishes loading. I've tested it lightly and so far so good. Let me know how it works out for you.


  1. Tried it on torcheck.xenobite.eu. Noref isn't complete yet.

    Comment by A friend — March 29, 2012 @1:41 am

  2. However 😀

    Comment by csa — July 20, 2012 @9:00 am

  3. nice

    Comment by Michelle Kerwick — February 8, 2013 @10:02 pm


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