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Building New PHP 7.3 on Old Fedora 14 Linux

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I have mentioned before this server runs on old hardware and Fedora Core 14. Thatโ€™s a 9-year-old OS which in terms of software, itโ€™s like 3 times its life expectancy at this point. Fedora is almost on version 31 now. Keeping old OS around can be real hassle, but then again so is updating and — Continue reading ยป

The Long, Hard and Possibly Foolish Path to SSL/TLS Security

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... or TLS 1.2 on Fedora Core 14/FC14 and other older Linux versions With the chorus of secure browsingย  getting louder and becoming more prevalent, ย HTTPS migration is becoming inevitable. Going secure is a pretty major undertaking, fraught with numerous pitfalls. It starts with the source files that produce the html pages and it could — Continue reading ยป

What The Linux Ghost Bug Teaches

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A couple of weeks ago it was revealed that a known Linux bug, Ghost (short-ish for the gethostbyname() function in the older glibc library versions) is riskier than previously thought. So the internet became abuzz with warnings to those who might not have updated their Linux distros. I have several versions of Fedora running on — Continue reading ยป

Linux Shellshock Bash Bug Workaround

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The warnings about the shellshock bash bug are ominous and not unfounded. This is perhaps a greater risk than Heartbleed. Here are the gory details of this bug. To test your system for this bug run the following command from the shell: $ env x='() { :;}; echo vulnerable' bash -c "echo this is a — Continue reading ยป

Year 2038 problem

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25 years from now we could be dealing with an issue similar to the Y2K issue,ย year 2038 problem. This problem was brought to my attention by ย user 'Ken' commenting on the countdown tool page on this site. Basically *nix systems keep time in 32-bit integer formats counting seconds since Jan. 1, 1970. On Jan. 19, — Continue reading ยป

Disabling SELinux

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I know it's sacrilegious for some to disable a security feature on a platform, but SELinux (an enhanced Linux security feature) has left me no choice but doing exactly that on Linux. SELinux was added to Linux to give it additional security measures beyond what it inherited From Unix. By default many of the Linux — Continue reading ยป

Fedora 16 Pain and Confusion

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When I recently installed Fedora 16 on an experimental server at work, it felt like dealing with a whole new platform. Prior to version 16, my last install was version 14 and things seem to have been in their familiar places. With 16 I was suddenly dumbfounded, like starting to learn Linux anew. I am — Continue reading ยป

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