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Migrating To Cloud, Digital Ocean, Cloudflare

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When I started this site decades ago, I followed the usual path at that time to launch sites, shared hosting. There were many vendors to choose from but nothing like the quantity and diversity of whatโ€™s available today. I registered the domain, settled on a small vendor for $5/month, got my cPanel and terminal login — Continue reading ยป

The Perils of Self-Hosting

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Two weeks ago, when nature was flexing its muscle in the northeastern USA in the form of hurricane Sandy, I was away from home on a business trip. When the alert email from my monitoring company arrived in my inbox informing me of the web server outage, I wasn't surprised. Power had been lost, the — Continue reading ยป

Hosted Apps Downside - Gmail

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Yesterday without any indication my Gmail account went into a lockout mode displaying this message when I try to login: Sorry... account maintenance underway Weโ€™re currently performing maintenance on your account. You wonโ€™t be able to log in while maintenance is underway, but your account data and messages are safe. Unfortunately, we canโ€™t predict exactly — Continue reading ยป

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