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YouTube Collection - April 1

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As I started to watch the clip about YouTube collection I thought, wtf? Why would anyone order a DVD collection of all YouTube videos? As the April Fool's joke quickly dawned on me, I wondered how much data YouTube actually has and how many DVD's it will fit on. I certainly have no idea, but — Continue reading ยป

Star Trek Blood Donation

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After donating a pint of blood to the Red Cross a few days ago, I got a blue mark on my forearm that looked eerily similar to the Star Trek insignia. As a trekkie, I was only too happy with this temporary tattoo. Of course it didn't last long and it has pretty much faded — Continue reading ยป

UConn Huskies, 2011 Men's Basketball Champions

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Winning the Final game against Butler (53-41), UConn, my alma mater, claimed the men's basketball title for 2011. This despite the fact that expectations for a UConn win weren't so high. Let's not forget that they also won the Bing East title last month. While the women team's dream of another victory didn't materialize this — Continue reading ยป

Remembering Dad

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My father passed away a couple of weeks ago from complications arising out of cancer. He had beat this disease two decades ago but this time it proved fatal and after five months of courageous battle he succumbed to the illness. I had expected the news for some time, but losing a parent, as I — Continue reading ยป

Yahoo Earnings Check

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It seems like at some point I had signed up for Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) which was a program similar to Google's Adsense. Yahoo terminated the program recently and apparently they sent final checks (or is it cheques? Whatever) to all affiliates, active or not. I just happened to find my Yahoo check in a — Continue reading ยป

Fantasy Home

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If you are not familiar with New Canaan, Connecticut, it's an exclusive, plush town in Fairfield county where a million-dollar home is considered cheap. The movie, The Stepford Wives, was filmed there. I work in a city adjacent to New Canaan and sometimes browse the listings to see what I can't afford. A couple of — Continue reading ยป

What is best for ABN shareholders?

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The faith of the Dutch ABN Amro will be decided by its shareholders. They will decide between the offers of Barclays Bank of the UK and a consortium of Royal Bank of Scotland, Fortis, and Banco Santander Central Hispano. Thing got more interested with a Dutch court decision of the $21 billion sale of LaSalle, — Continue reading ยป

Politics of SQL Left Join and Right Join

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The other day I was helping a colleague with an SQL statement and I noticed he had a left join in his query. For those of you unfamiliar with SQL, it is a query language programmers use to access and manipulate data inside databases. Joins are used to cross-reference data between various database tables. With — Continue reading ยป

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