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Hill Jogging

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Jogging addicts have an interesting trait. Wherever they go, the first thing they usually search for is a location to jog. At least that's true about me. Actually it's a nuisance sometimes, much like smokers who run out of cigarettes when they travel and they need to search for a store that can hook them — Continue reading Β»

Berkshire Hathaway Phantom Stock Split

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Common sense and investing wisdom dictates that an investor should look the long run and diversify. Many of us engage in wise investing through our retirement planning via 401K or IRA accounts that are generally contributed to and left alone to compound for years. The diversification portion is achieved, by default, through mutual funds. There — Continue reading Β»

Cell Phones and Seat Belts

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Who says jogging is a safe exercise? For those of us who like to run outside it's anything but. I can't count how many times I've been chased by dogs, slipped on black ice, tripped over a branch (and one time on a snake), or have had close calls with cars. Tonight's episode involved an — Continue reading Β»

Google, YouTube fear factor

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Hard to imagine that a 2-year old company started from scratch could be worth $1.65 billion, but that’s what YouTube is worth to Google. I had never visited YouTube’s site until about a month ago and that was just to see how it compares with Google video. I like Google video because of the simple — Continue reading Β»

Half Marathon, 2006

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Running a race such as a half marathon is not unlike taking a test in school. Be it that I don't run these races to win (far from it), they still require some preparation and discipline. Some competitors spend months training for it. They follow a strict plan, run a set number of long miles — Continue reading Β»

Mortgage Scam Mail

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There's yet another hidden danger in spam that occurred to me today after receiving my umpteenth mortgage refinance junk letter in the mail. So much information on the dangers of online scams (be it in the form of spam, phishing, or other types) has been disseminated that most people now treat online come-ons with some — Continue reading Β»

Windows XP printer sharing

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We have a network of three XP PC's at home and one laser printer that's connected to my PC over the LPT1 parallel port. My wife is a heavy printer user, so every time she wanted to print a document, she had to attach it to an email, retrieve it from my PC and then — Continue reading Β»

Jesus Spam

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Most of the spam unleashed on mailboxes are initiated using a mail server cranking out emails in bulk. The more sophisticated ones use crude mail-merging techniques to insert the victim's name and perhaps slightly change the content or headers of the emails in an effort to elude junk mail detectors. It's old news. Cheap Viagra, — Continue reading Β»

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