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My EPUB Journey - A Sort of EPUB Primer

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With the proliferation of the mobile devices, books have morphed into digital versions and are increasingly viewed in their digital rather then paper formats. To that end there are several popular formats for e- books. PDF, the well-established type from Adobe has been around for many years and still widely used for digital books, but — Continue reading ยป

iUniverse, eBooks, and Copyright

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back in June 2012 I received an email from iUniverse regarding my book, Financial Markets For The Rest Of Us. In that email iUniverse, my book's publisher, proudly exclaimed that they have converted my book to the EPUB format and have submitted it to multiple sites. Here's an excerpt: We are glad to inform you — Continue reading ยป

Hello WordPress, Goodbye Blogger

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Blogger recently announced the end of ftp publishing and after 7 years on that platform, I decided to migrate my blog to a self-hosted WordPress platform, and after a few days of tweaking the conversion is finally over. Yeah I know, the template looks nothing like WordPress. I actually had to "uglify" a classic template — Continue reading ยป

Lucid, A Short Story

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After submitting my first short story to Answers.com's Creative Writing Challenge, I hadn't intended to write another one. But then one night, as I was jogging, my mind wandered off and I began formulating another short story incorporating the words from the second writing challenge. I usually contemplate software and programming challenges while pounding the — Continue reading ยป

Answers.com Creative Writing Challenge

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I'd almost forgotten about this, but an email notification from answers.com reminded me that I had entered the first-ever answers.com's creative writing challenge a couple of weeks ago. The rules were simple enough. Take ten words, pre-selected by answers.com, and write a prose, a poem, or an essay in your blog or web page. Hyper-link — Continue reading ยป

The Greedy Shepherd

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Preface: A few days ago I received an email from Answers.com inviting me (and other recipients) to write an essay or a poem using 10 words they had selected and link those words back to them โ€” certainly a publicity and SEO stunt. At the end of the contest they will judge the entries and — Continue reading ยป

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