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Hello WordPress, Goodbye Blogger

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Blogger recently announced the end of ftp publishing and after 7 years on that platform, I decided to migrate my blog to a self-hosted WordPress platform, and after a few days of tweaking the conversion is finally over.

Yeah I know, the template looks nothing like WordPress. I actually had to "uglify" a classic template to make it flow with the rest of my site. So far, no regrets. Not that I had a choice. With the ftp publishing shutting down, Blogger's only option was to get hosted on Blogspot. I just wasn't prepared to let Blogger pull another trick down the road, so I decided to split. At least Blogger was graceful enough to allow easy API access to the posts. It certainly facilitated the migration.

So long Blogger. It was a good ride while it lasted. But the journey continues on the WordPress train, with this being my first WordPress post.



  1. Could you put up (or point to) a guide for making exactly that transition? I'd like to do the same.

    Comment by Benny — May 21, 2010 @9:31 am

  2. The comment from Benny,
    Take A Look At You Tube As The Video Tutorials Are A Great Help Right Though The procedure

    Comment by Jason Dower — May 26, 2010 @6:38 am


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