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The other day I was talking to friend and musing about how unfair it is that hardened criminals meet their destiny in absolute peace and serenity through lethal injection. Strapped to a gurney, they are mercifully put to death by inducing unconsciousness followed by a painless death via the injection of a heart-stopping chemical.

While the criminals get the luxury death treatment, millions of people must suffer under unspeakable conditions until their lives are mercilessly squeezed out of existence. I am referring to people diagnosed with terminal cases, individuals near death, accident victims and others that are strewn about in hospitals and other institutions and are kept alive simply because it is morally wrong for a physician to end life.

One cannot imagine the excruciating agony some of these people must endure before they are finally released from their pain. Yes, It would be morally wrong to take a life when a person desires to continue. What is disturbing is the number of patients who would prefer to be the masters of their own destiny and meet death in dignity, but are forcefully kept alive to suffer. It is wrong for a government to deny them this right because it is conflicted over moral issues.

Religious scholars would argue that life is given by god and therefore can only be taken away by god. Unfortunately the ethics of many governments are victims of such interpretations. When my final hour comes, I want to say my goodbyes to my family in dignity and leave this world under my own terms. No one, not even god, should have the right to torture a person to death, or witness suffering without intervention. Now that's morally wrong.

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