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I am beginning to think that President Bush has simply lost his mind. I actually didn't mind the man so much in the beginning. Even during his premature arrogance when he had declared himself president before the presidential elections were final and official.

Now he must be viewed as a threat and a menace. Not just to the terrorists, and not just to countries like France and Germany, but to this country, the United States of America. His cavalier attitude, childish tantrums, and the ever-present smirk on his face just screams lunacy to me. His response to terrorism has been two failed wars with Afghanistan and Iraq, and his domestic policies, when he does care to pay any attention to, might as well be planned by a five-year old. They have all been complete flops.

While he rests at Camp David watching television, with his delusions of patriotism and godliness, Americans lose their jobs to the Chinese and the Indians, lose their lives to the disgruntled Arabs, and lose their pride to the Europeans.

I'm not sure if Howard Dean is the right man for the job, but if he wins the Democratic nomination, he deserves a chance. At least he will unseat the petulant children running the White House now. If Dean does nothing else, just removing this inept administration can be viewed as a crowning achievement.

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