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Handling Telemarketers, Kiddy Style

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As parents, we always strive to teach decorum and proper behavior to our kids. One of these areas has to do with how one handles telephone calls. As a matter of personal choice I rarely pick up the phone. Having three females in the house for a number of years, the Pavlovian in me has — Continue reading ยป

The Housing Dilemma

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The recent plunge in new home sales in the United States should come as no surprise to those following the housing market in the last six or seven years. The laws of economics are much like the laws of physics: "what goes up must come down". But it remains to be seen if the more — Continue reading ยป

Intel and Analysts: I Told You So

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A couple of weeks ago when Intel Reported a blow-out quarter I mentioned here that analysts will reverse course and upgrade the stock. Here's my blog note I am referring to: Intel Flies in the Face of Analyst Well, today Lehman Brothers joined a bunch of other analysts such as those form J.P. Morgan who — Continue reading ยป

Geico Bows to Google (At Least for Now)

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Google's wildly successful Adsense program, while a blessing for some, has become a bane for others. In a lawsuit brought on by Geico, the insurance company claimed damages because some of Google's advertisers buy the "Geico" keyword for the specific reason to display insurance-related messages to the viewers. While Geico claims that this practice infringes — Continue reading ยป

Intel Flies in the Face of Analyst

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So much for the Intel downgrade by Credit Suisse First Boston barely a week ago. The brainiacs at CSFB downgraded the stock to underperform on November 24th citing lower demand. Tonight Intel pre-announced a blowout quarter citing higher demand. So what happened? As usual the analysts' darts weren't hitting the bull's eye. Maybe they had — Continue reading ยป

The Deficit Monster

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Lately Alan Greenspan has been harping on the growing US account deficit and the plunging dollar quite a bit. It is no surprise. Law makers just raised the ceiling on the US debt and Bush (who is mainly responsible for the current dire economic state) is saying: "Where do I sign?". This must be the — Continue reading ยป

Phishing the hosts

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A new and more stealth phishing scam has entered the Internet scam market. According to this link, scammers are now able to manipulate the hosts files in users' computers, thus redirecting them to their nefarious Web sites without the user ever realizing it. This is mainly done with script-laden emails, some of which may not — Continue reading ยป

Google Nears Yahoo

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With help from its earning's announcement last night, Google seems poised to overtake Yahoo's market cap in short order. The gap is hairline thin as I write this. It's hard to imagine that a company of such humble beginnings could surpass Yahoo in such a short time. But then again that statement alone is astonishing — Continue reading ยป

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