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Goodyear Making Good

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Late August on a trip from Connecticut to Virginia my car broke down in the center lane of the Jersey turnpike. The alternator had died and the battery had little juice left to keep the car going. So on this hottest hour of the hottest day of August, I stepped out of the car, pushed — Continue reading ยป

Hotmail Keeps the Promise

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Just logged in to my Hotmail account and noticed the storage meter reads 250 MB. It's good to see them keeping the promise they made a few months ago after Google introduced their 1 gigger email service and Yahoo followed suit with their 200 meg upgrade. I was beginning to think that Hotmail might renege — Continue reading ยป

Domain Protect โ€“ Another Act of Desperation by NSI

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In the beginning there was Internic, the quasi-government outfit tasked with assigning domain names, numbers, etc. Anyone who wanted a domain name could get one for free just by applying. Soon the Web turned popular and Internic began charging annual fees for the domain names. It eventually morphed into Network Solutions Inc. or NSI (a — Continue reading ยป

Applauding France

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The new school year has just begun in most of the world, but in France this year is especially poignant. It is the first year that the French government has banned prominent displays of religious effects on students. This includes head scarves for Moslem women, skull caps for Jewish men, visible crosses for Christians, and — Continue reading ยป

The City of WiFi Love

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The City of WiFi Love Becoming the largest WiFi hotspot in the world is no small task but that is exactly what Philadelphia is aiming for. The plan currently under development by the city of Philadelphia would uniformly cover the entire city (135 square miles), and best of all would be available to the residents — Continue reading ยป

E-commerce, Political Style

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E-commerce, Political Style Imagine my surprise when I went surfing on msnbc.com today at lunch time and I saw this banner: I have seen political banners before but this was probably the most blunt one I have seen to date. The banner itself was enticing enough to persuade me to click. And I was immediately — Continue reading ยป

The Perfect Customer Dissatisfaction Model

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The Perfect Customer Dissatisfaction Model To all those frequent flyers out there, you have my sympathy. These days traveling by air is nothing short of a nightmare. This is specially true if your trip calls for a connecting flight. About the only thing these flights don't do is connecting. On a recent short trip I — Continue reading ยป

Penguin in Your Notebook

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Penguin in Your Notebook One could call it a historic moment. Hewlett-Packard today announced the shipment of one of their notebook lines with a Linux variant known as SuSE. SuSE was acquired by Novell about a year ago. After watching its fortunes disappear into thin air, mainly due to competition from microsoft on the server — Continue reading ยป

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