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Applauding France

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The new school year has just begun in most of the world, but in France this year is especially poignant. It is the first year that the French government has banned prominent displays of religious effects on students. This includes head scarves for Moslem women, skull caps for Jewish men, visible crosses for Christians, and turbans for Sikhs.

In some sense the French society is struggling to get its country back and release it from the bonds of various religions which mainly cause hatred, division, and segregation in societies. The French government, and by extension the French people, have every right to demand that its citizens respect the secular laws of the land and stop the hypocritical displays of bigotry.

This law is fair and it is uniformly applied to all French citizens. Of course the French laws do not ban belonging to certain faiths or the right of worship. What they attempt to do is stamping out religions and cults from the public institutions and return them to the private sector where they belong. This is a bold and commendable act to separate church and state.

Americans may disagree with the French on many platforms, but they should applaud them (and perhaps learn from them) for having the courage to stand up to religious forces and do the right thing.

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