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under god, over god, whatever...

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under god, over god, whatever...

sometimes the issues discussed in this country are so asinine. here's an atheist guy who has a bone to pick with his ex-wife and thus has made an issue with the "under god" portion of the pledge that his daughter feels pressure to recite in school everyday. who cares?

tell your daughter not to recite that portion or skip the whole pledge. i don't care if your are a disbeliever or a die-hard orthodox, the word god, as used in the legal system, money, and the pledge could be interpreted in any number of ways by people but who has the time to stop and contemplate a sinister notion behind it? why am i even wasting time writing about this?

you want to worship god, go for it. you want to disbelieve, that's your right too. and if you object to the word god printed on money, don't hesitate to unload it on me.

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