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of beasts and breasts

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of beasts and breasts

i admit it, i'm not a sports nut. while men were stuffing themselves with junk food and beer and high-fiving each other after each fumble or touchdown during the super bowl, i was probably watching steve irwin wrestling alligators on animal planet. so it goes without saying that i missed the fateful breast exposure scene that’s been the talk of the nation. i guess i could google janet jackson and score that clip in dozens of sites, but why?

what exactly is to be gained by watching a man tearing a plate off a woman’s chest and exposing a mammary gland? you want real filth, head to your nearest adult store and grab a ron jeremy flick off the shelf. you’ll feel much more satisfied, and no controversy to grapple with. but no, what fun would that be? it's just a bunch of naked people and no controversy to keep it interesting.

the point is that america suffers from a real identity crisis when it comes to the subject of sex. everyone condemns it, and yet everyone does it and not just with their spouses. the likes of howard stern, no matter what you think of him, are portrayed as perverted beasts, out there to corrupt the masses, while misleading the nation to launch an unjust war is viewed as morally upright. go figure.

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