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caught between a rock and a soft-ware place

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caught between a rock and a soft-ware place

some people are never satisfied. take the microsoft crowd as an example. the buzz in the industry is that microsoft is losing its focus because their release cycles are now getting too long. their next version of their much anticipated windows, code named longhorn, has slipped several times to possibly 2006 or beyond and other products have also been hit with delays.

it's hard to understand what the users are complaining about. in past when microsoft released new versions of its products at breakneck speeds, people complained that the cycles were too short and it was impossible to keep up with the upgrades. now they begrudge the software giant for taking too long to release new versions of its products.

i, for one, can appreciate a little lull between software releases. it allows me to do productive work, rather than being suspended in an endless cycle of upgrades and new installation.

so, microsoft, please go ahead and take as much time you need to release your next versions and let me do some productive work for a change.

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