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Reality Fatigue

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Reality Fatigue

I'm not sure about you, but no matter where I turn these days I seem to find Donald trump's face plastered on everything. From TV shows to newspapers to online media, trump is all the rage. Enough already.

The reality TV phenomenon is by no means exclusive to the apprentice. Island castaways, jilted lovers, porn stars, and wannabe singers have found a home with this lucrative insanity too.

Back in my days, mtv's real world was about the only reality TV on the tube and I must say I enjoyed watching a bunch of people thrown in a house and forced to live with each other. It was a novelty. The closest thing to the bachelor or bachelorette was love connection where the subject went on three separate dates and within 15 minutes announced who the lucky winner of a second date was.

If you think about it, the new breed of these shows are pretty much a spin on the same concept. A guy gets to meet a number of women and at the end of the show chooses his supposed mate. They could of course run the show in a space of half hour and be done with it, but no, they have to drag it out for umpteen episodes and throw in a variety of nonsense twists and turns to string along the audience who are subjected to numerous commercials.

I, for one, haven't found anything redeeming or even entertaining about these shows. Perhaps I crossed the age threshold beginning with the very first episode of survivor. Well, I don't mind being crossed out of the viewership target. But if love connection ever makes a comeback, I might catch a few episodes for old times' sake. Back in 2 and 2!

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