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The Insidious Credit Card

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The Insidious Credit Card

I make a concerted effort to pay off my credit card bills every month. It’s a challenge but I simply have a moral issue paying outrageous usuries to these fattened institutions while many of their customers have to scrape bottom to come up with minimum payments.

If hamburger joints can be dragged into court for bulging up patrons, why not do the same to credit card companies who entice people to borrow money and then enslave them with exorbitant fees if they are late for one or two payments? At least fast-food companies don’t send people postal burgers.

Fact is (and everyone knows it) that people like me who pay their bills in full and on time are not one of their favorite segments. They try hard to trip us up by various schemes including shortening billing cycles because nothing makes them happier than a customer missing a payment. The rate rockets into the stratosphere and they’ve got the pour soul in their claws for eternity. So if you view credit cards as a necessary evil but despise the credit card companies for their evil ways, make this a sad day for them. Pay off that bill that’s been sitting on your kitchen table and celebrate a small victory.

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