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A Future Without Oil

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A Future Without Oil

With the insatiable appetite of the world for fossil fuel, it's no wonder people are so nervous about the recent jumps in oil prices. Today the world economy is so tightly linked to oil and its byproducts, that living without it is plain unimaginable.

It's difficult to believe that the human race up to very recently didn't even know what oil was. Life just went on without this precious commodity just as normally as it does today with a steady flow of the liquid gold. People ate, slept, kept warm, fought wars, and made love just the same.

Now flash forward a few centuries when oil supplies are all but exhausted and the human race is once again free of its dependence on oil. Atomic energy, the Sun's endless fire, or perhaps an as of yet undiscovered means will provide the fuel for those generations of humans who will inhabit the Earth or some other body in space.

It's not a hypothetical scenario, but a certain reality. People will eat, sleep, keep warm, fight wars, and make love just the same. And perhaps they will also chuckle at the foolishness of our generation.

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