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Gmail: Spammer’s Paradise?

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Gmail: Spammer’s Paradise?

Gmail, the high capacity free e-mail service from Google, is reaching more people everyday. Google made a smart move by gradually adding subscribers rather than opening the Gmail doors and letting the masses stampede all over its systems. So far so good.

The most notable feature of Gmail is the one Gigabyte storage capacity. By today’s standards that is a giant amount of storage to be given away for free. Of course Google’s plan is to capitalize on all this by displaying relevant ads and getting people to click on them as they read their e-mails.

But I wonder if Google will provide an effective spam blocker with Gmail. I imagine that they may resist the idea. They may decide to keep to a basic spam blocker to satisfy most users and stop there. The reason? Deleting too much spam will cut down on the potential content that could be paired with ads. For example, a Viagra-touting spam could be paired with a number of banners advertising erectile dysfunction treatments and Google may not want to miss out on those clicks.

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