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Will the Real Criminal Please Stand Up?

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Will the Real Criminal Please Stand Up?

And so it begins, the much hyped trial of the century with Saddam Hussein in the limelight. There are also a number of other Baath party defendants playing in this charade, but who cares? Saddam is the real criminal. If Iraq had the equivalent of Nielsen Ratings, the networks would fight tooth and nail for the coverage. Iraq Dateline would do Saddam specials ad infinitum.

It’s interesting that one of the main charges leveled against the man is the invasion of Kuwait? Talk about hypocrisy. Who’s invaded Iraq? Ask the Bushies, and they would cheerfully respond, “the coalition, with the backing of the UN resolution”. Aha.

Lest we forget, the so called coalition is almost 95% American forces, and the UN resolution was specifically about possessing and developing Weapons of Mass Destruction. So where is the WMD charge against Saddam? And I mean proof of recent activities, not the man’s past crimes.

Like it or not, Saddam is a criminal and he deserves what’s coming to him. But I am believer that the universe that we live in is a great leveler. So have a great life Mr. President, and keep on pleasuring yourself with the dictator’s pistol you love to show off so much. What goes around comes around.

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