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Cassini, Huygens, Titan: one wonders

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It's almost inconceivable to look at some of the pictures and sounds of another planet's satellite in our solar system and not to reflect back on ourselves as a race. We owe so much of our progress to so many dedicated scientists and engineers who have dedicated their lives to a better understanding of the universe that we live in.

Humans have walked on the moon, robots are exploring our nearest planetary neighbor, Mars, and now we are getting a glimpse of a heavenly body, Titan, so foreign and so far away that it took the Huygens probe over 7 years just to reach it.

And yet amidst all of these wondrous accomplishments, we are witnesses to archaic beliefs that makes one wonder whether some people ever consider the deeper meaning of these discoveries.

We have just begun to poke our collective head out and gaze at our own solar system, which is a part of the countless systems in our galaxy, which is part of the countless galaxies in our universe. Still the deep-rooted convictions of our past continue to draw a blind over an incontrovertible evidence that we are but an insignificant part of this universe.

It takes zealous thinking, unbounded hubris, and gross ignorance to believe that God chose a parcel of land such as Jerusalem to bless its inhabitants and showcase his prowess. I wonder if the people of Judaic, Moslem, or Christian persuasions would allow themselves to pry open their eyes to reality a little and question whether their claims of rights to this little crust of Earth is an absurd idea incited by centuries of misguided and superstitious beliefs.

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