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Morbid discounts

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A few months ago Costco, the renowned discount bulk chain, announced that they will begin offering caskets on their online store, costco.com.

I had forgotten about the announcement until yesterday, browsing in costco.com, I ran into the casket link. I don't know much about the death business. My wishes are to be cremated and scattered when I move on, so no need to waste money on caskets.

What amazes me is how technology has not only changed the circumstances of our lives, but has also influenced our death. These caskets, ranging from about $1,000 to $5,000 are state-of-the-art. Amenities abound, pillow-topped this and gold-plated that. And to top it off, they are being offered online with discounts to boot. The experience was not unlike shopping for a car.

I'm not sure if death deserves so much lavishness. After all, it is the absence of life that is so cherished by most people. Even if you believe in the next life, what is to be gained from an extravagant funeral? But I suppose if you want to have luxury in death, a discount should make you rest a little easier.

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