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The Boeing affair

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Being liberal minded goes along with accepting the concept of live and let live. Somehow in the US we have a morality crisis by which every person seems to be solely judged by their personal lives rather then their public talents.

The resignation of the Boeing CEO over an alleged affair with a female executive is yet another example of the link between Godliness and trustworthiness. Some seem to incessantly harp on how Clinton corrupted the minds of the nation by his trysts. And we must continue to say, "nonsense". People had affairs long before Clinton committed the act in the Oval Office.

Of course the self-righteous would never engage in such immoral acts. Surely they've never watched porn, been to a strip club, or coveted a womanly curve (yes, I am assailing men here, but I'm sure there are some female perverts out there too).

It's time we grow up and stop acting like saints when we really aren't. Many powerful people in this world have had questionable personal lives including affairs. As long as it's consented and legal, it's not for us to condemn or condone their acts. What people do in their private lives, should remain just that, private.

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