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Abolish daylight-saving time

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Here we go again. Once again the asinine ritual of changing the clocks is upon us and the roads will be filled with sleepy drivers trying to make their mad dash to work. It's time we abolished this business of changing time because of some outdated notion that it saves a little bit of energy.

Okay maybe some modest energy consumption is saved (the amount is still debatable). But really, is this the best method of conservation? How about trying to reduce gas guzzling SUV's on the roads, or providing extra incentives for energy-conserving consumers, or investing in renewable or alternative energy sources such as the Sun. It kills me to see this ball of seemingly endless fire above me everyday and not being to harness a tiny bit of its fusion-happy energy.

Daylight-saving time is a nuisance and we shouldn't have to put up with it any longer. It not only interferes with our daily routine, it also disrupts commerce. I wonder how many billions of dollars are lost because of lapsed memories due to fatigue, sudden change of schedules, and wrong clocks.

I bet Ben Franklin (who started the idea) would have championed the elimination of this time-shifting silliness if he were still around today. Let's just pick a time and stick with it, and stop this perpetual Star Trek time-warp absurdity.

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  1. Thereโ€™s no DST here in Japan, and I love the fifth-hour sunrises in the spring and summer. Japan actually tried DST for a few years just after World War II but got rid of it quickly. They wanted to discourage people from working too long in the brighter months, so out it went.

    Comment by Lucky Joestar — February 2, 2013 @6:28 pm


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