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National Turn Off Your Television Week

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It's the National Turn Off Your TV Week. Whatever. Every week there's a long list of societal issues that happen to allocate the period to themselves. They're supposed to raise awareness of some chronic issue and make people do something about it. I'm not sure if they really serve anything positive other than filling a few trivial spots on radio and paper media. I suppose the TV is not exactly the right media to promote this particular cause.

As for me, when we had a TV at home, I paid no attention to the nonsense and watched TV whenever I wanted. These days, with a disconnected TV sitting idly in the corner, it appears that I am observing the week by default. But then again I haven't watched a wink of TV for the past 6 months, save a couple of times in hotel rooms while away from home.

I do miss the TV at times. It was one of my methods of relaxation. Thankfully I'm not a sports nut nor a movie buff. I've always been a clicker and a surfer for the most part, watching everything and nothing at the same time. So the loss of TV is not a grand tragedy for me.

The decision to unplug the TV was to save my children's impressionable minds from the addictive device and keep them focused on life. Once they are mature enough to handle it responsibly, I'm planning a welcome back party for the remote control, National Turn Off Your Television Week notwithstanding.

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