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Oil change leads to contemplation

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Car oil changes every 3,000 miles isn't meant for me. I'm lucky if I make it every 6,000 miles. I know all the arguments exhorting the importance of timely oil change, but I buy cheap used cars. If they die, I junk them and get another one.

The problem is that as I pass 3,000 miles and the odometer begins to pull away from the reminder mileage sticker on my windshield, I start feeling guilty about it, Then it eventually turns into a nagging bother for a few thousand extra miles until I take the car in for the oil change.

The other day, pulling out of one of the fast-lube joints after having the oil change done, it occurred to me that I haven't had a physical in almost 5 years. I'm way overdue for a dental visit, an eye exam, and who knows what else. Strange that I don't feel as compelled to get a checkup on myself as I do with the car oil change.

So, out of guilt, I finally called my dentist and made an appointment. Sooner or later I'll get around to the other exams too.

Could take a few oil changes though.

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