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Father's day

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It's father's day. Another scam thrust upon us by capitalism to further pry our wallets open. Alright, that's about all the cynicism for now. Might as well enjoy the day. I got a couple of beautiful drawings from my kids this morning. You know, the sorts that have no street value, but they're priceless to a parent. That was a nice touch.

The rest of the day was pretty much a typical father's day, as in what fathers do on weekends. Contrary to some pervasive rumors, mostly propaganda by their other halves of course, most men end up spending their weekends taking care of house chores. For me, it was cutting the lawn, cleaning the gutters, and taking the kids and their friends to a movie.

The most relaxing part of the day was driving to a Borders bookstore while the kids were enjoying a teen flick, finding a nice chair and thumbing through a PHP book.

The day's coming to an end now. Tomorrow's the start of the week and the work and school routine. Father's day or otherwise, it was great spending time with family. I know tomorrow I'll be missing today.

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