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Fire destruction in Ridgefield

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Catastrophe comes in many different modes in life, and sometimes tragic events are caused by random chance. It doesn't make them any less painful to face, but they all lead to the feelings of anger, sadness, and the why-me syndrome.

Last week, driving through my hometown of Ridgefield, Connecticut, as I do every weekday for my morning commute to work, I smelled the pungent scent of fire in our Main street. Once the fire trucks and cruiser flash lights came to sight, it became evident that a horrific fire had burned down one of historic buildings in town. I love my hometown, and it hurt to see a landmark burned to a rubble, but the repercussions were far more devastating to those who occupied that building.

Imagine being ordered out of your home in the middle of the night with such urgency that you don't even have time to take your pets with you. In just a few hours your possessions, your memories, and even your pets go up in smoke. It's a nightmare that those unfortunate few living in that building have to come to grips with.

Thankfully no one was seriously harmed in the fire, but for those who lost all their possessions the pain and anguish of loss must be unbearable. early investigation indicates that the fire was just an unfortunate incident unrelated to human activity.

I gaze at that location with disbelief every time I jog past it. It's a poignant reminder that everything can change in just a moment's time. I wish the fire victims a speedy recovery from this tragedy and a quick return to normal life, as normal as it can be having experienced such calamity.

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