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Sex offender registry

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I'm not sure what prompted me, but during lunch time at work, I googled sex offender registry and ended up on my state's official sex offender registry Web site. There were a number of towns in the list; a dubious distinction for sure.

My town had two of them registered. Now I'm not sure what the circumstances of their crimes were, but it was unnerving to discover people like that live in my town which is teeming with children.

I suppose there is more to fear from people not in the registry than those who've made the ranks. At least they know that their identities are open to the public and they might take precautions to stay out of trouble. Then again it is widely known that sex offenders strike out of habit, and given a chance, they would do it again.

If nothing, discovering this unsettling fact made me doubly determined to protect my children from these elements. Children are, after all, so naïve and trusting. Having been surrounded by loving people, they can never fathom that danger lurks at every corner and there are plenty of people out there who'd want to hurt them. A moment of neglect, and their innocence could be robbed forever.

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