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Gas and SUV

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Car fuel is just one of those indispensable things in life, perhaps almost at the same level as food and water. Most of us go about filling up our cars without paying much attention to the price fluctuations.

But in my last trip to the gas station I finally did take notice. Having spent nearly $35 to fill up my small car's tank, I started thinking about ways I could save on my car trips. It wasn't too long ago that I owned an SUV. Fortunately it got too worn out and I ended up donating it, taking advantage of the final year of the blue book tax write off. With gas prices at these levels, getting another SUV is out of the question for me.

I suppose many SUV owners spend $70 or more on a tank of gas these days. Some are wealthy and may not flinch, but this amount could be unsettling to some of the owners. It dawned on me that perhaps all the talk of dissuading people from buying up these giants might have been in vain. Descriptions such as air polluting, road hogging, heavy damage causing in accidents, and creating more dependence on foreign oil are great reasons to shun SUVs, but none are more potent than money wasting.

And that's exactly what many SUV owners will be facing as gas prices continue to rise. When people start to consider the financial pinch of running these big tanks, they might reconsider buying smaller cars. It certainly has deterred me from owning a big car. Who says money is evil?

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