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Flying Song

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Last week I was in San Francisco at a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) event that my company produces. I go to these shows as a technical person to support our registration system. The system is used to register people on site, it also synchronizes with the online server back home, and it produces bar-coded badges for the attendees among other tasks. I developed the program a while back, so I can't sing its praises enough. But I digress.

As usual I hadn't checked my flight paperwork until a couple of days before the trip, so when I saw I was flying with an airline called Song, I wasn't sure what to think of it. Arriving late at the airport and rushing to the terminal, I realized then that Song was actually part of Delta Airlines.

I hear that Song is modeled after Jet Blue. I've never flown Jet Blue, so I don't have a basis for comparison. The plane's interior is rather colorful, and the announcements were definitely more cheerful than the dull ones you hear on traditional flights.

There is beverage service, but if you want a meal, you have to pay. Meal prices are moderately expensive for the quality and if you don't act fast enough, they may run out of what you want from the menu. I suppose they only stock a minimum amount. Flight attendants seemed pretty friendly; as friendly as they could get these days, I suppose.

The best feature of the flight is the entertainment. Every seat has a built in TV screen with a number of channels broadcast by the Dish network. There are also movies and games available, but you guessed it, you'd have to pay to get those. As usual, not a whole lot to watch on TV, but the music and the trivia games made up for that. There was a number of albums you could choose to listen to. The selections were limited but I found some decent albums in there. The interface is like an mp3 player; you can skip songs and switch albums. I found out that the band "Better than Ezra" has some decent tunes.

The trivia game is also another attraction. There are groups of twenty questions about movies, fashion, sports, etc. and players have a certain amount of time to choose the right answer. The faster they pick the correct answer, the higher their score. The interesting part of the game is that other passengers can get in on the game and compete with each other. I never won the game, but came close a few times.

All in all, I think Delta Song has a good thing going. Mine was one of those rare times that a long flight actually didn't seem so long, mainly thanks to the music and the trivia games.

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