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Godaddy, a truce

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Read the first part of this story here: Godaddy, the price of cheap.

While the Godaddy people would not listen to my pleas, one guy did. Surprisingly, Bob Parsons, the chief himself had one of his people call me to sort out the matter. I was, and still am, stunned.

We are pretty strange creatures. A courteous phone call completely turned me around. Nothing had changed. I am still disappointed with Godaddy, and there were no promises to refund my $10, only the promise of best attempt. The money wasn't the object anyways. But the call was all it took to pacify me to the point that by the time the call was over, my impression of Parsons went from negative to positive.

The contact allowed me to calmly explain my side of the story and then I listened to their side. I was told that the whois fee was levied because Godaddy faces service cancellations from Verisign (the root guys) when their whois database is erroneous or incomplete. I mentioned that my whois information was correct, other than the missing phone number, which is how Network Solution had transferred the data. I also explained that it was unfair to be treated like a spammer, when I had no part in this sort of activity.

In the end we kissed and made up, and I was left to wonder that perhaps I had jumped the gun in judging Bob Parsons. A simple gesture such as this phone call was enough to bring a small customer back from absolute frustration.

I am going to reserve judgment on Godaddy for a while, but for what my opinion is worth, Parsons redeemed himself in my mind, and for that he has my respect and gratitude.


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