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Checkfree vaporware

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Online payment. It's one of those conveniences afforded to us courtesy of the Internet. I still write checks now and then, but most of the time I opt for the electronic equivalent to make bill payments or send money to individuals. I'm certainly not alone in that respect.

Sending funds electronically has its advantages. So does receiving funds electronically. I also opt for electronic deposits any chance I get. No more waiting for payments to arrive by mail, lost payments, or waiting for funds to clear. That is why I was happy to see Checkfree (a major payment processor for many banks) was offering free electronic deposits for individuals.

I do receive occasional payments from a few people for various reasons, and those payments that are sent electronically generally arrive in my mailbox as Checkfree checks. A couple of months ago I noticed a statement on a Checkfree envelope inviting users to register for electronic deposits via yes.checkfree.com. promptly I went to the site, gave them a ton of private information (you know, name, address, social security number, bank account info, etc.), and submitted the page.

The site promised to send me a confirmation email, and then the Checkfree electronic deposits would begin. Well after two months that confirmation email hasn't arrived and the payments are still coming as checks via regular mail. Inquisitive, I sent Checkfree an email asking for an explanation.

Here's the answer I received:

Good Morning Robert,

Due to the overwhelming response to this service, we have had system issues activating enrollments. We still do not have a date for activation. We are working on this issue and hope to have it resolved quickly. I do apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you,


Now I can understand that these things sometimes happen. System glitches and bugs are a part of my everyday work too. But couldn't they tell me that before I wasted my time on their site submitting all kinds of private information? Worse yet, the registration page is still alive and still not a word about this issue. The above email reply is from a month ago and I still have no electronic deposit service. I am beginning to wonder if this service is not just vaporware, but a ruse to collect personal data.,,,

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